Rural municipality of Vormsi

This rural municipality comprises the biggest island of Lääne county. The island is located between Hiiumaa and continental Estonia. The shortest distance from the island to the continent is 3 km (to the Noarootsi peninsula in Lääne county). Tourism (mostly accommodation services), forest harvesting and agriculture (mainly animal husbandry) are the major business activites on Vormsi. The land is cultivated for inhabitants’ own use; revenue is not as important as fulfilling peoples’ own needs for agricultural products. Beef-cattle farming is popular on the island and sheep husbandry has been restored. Vormsi has modern infrastructures: its road networks and harbours are constantly being renovated. Community-based economics rely on local resources (potatoes, berries, mushrooms, honey, domestic animals, timber, game, fish). Tourism infrastructures are developing and life on the island has begun to perk up due to visitors and events. Vormsi has a positive image amongst Estonians and this has also attracted our celebrities to establish or buy summer homes on the island.

Pindala – 93 km2
Elanike arv – 270 (1. jaanuar 2014)
Kaugus – Haapsalust 21 km (koos laevateega), Tallinnast 120 km (koos laevateega)