Rural municipality of Nõva

This is a rural municipality with beautiful nature and beaches in the northern part of Lääne county offering excellent recreational opportunities. Nõva is one of two rural municipalities on the northwestern coast and one of the smallest rural municipalities in Estonia. There are 8 villages in Nõva. The greatest value of this rural municipality is 20 km of the best Estonian beach with its special singing sand, dunes and ridges. The landscape protection areas of Nõva and Suursoo have dunes with large pine forests, bogs and moors, where numerous game animals have found their home – lynxes, wolves, elks and bears. Cranes, swans, various species of grouse and eagles are the pride of local bird fauna. Nõva is a friendly place for all living creatures, where it is great to live, develop businesses and work at or from home.

Area – 129.6 km2
Population – 339 (1st of January 2014)
Distance – 48 km from Haapsalu, 81 km from Tallinn