Rural municipality of Noarootsi

Noarootsi lies in Lääne county, on the northwestern corner of the continental part of Estonia. Its centre is Pürksi village on the Noarootsi peninsula. In this rural municipality, there are enterprises producing wooden details, processing peat and operating the harbour of Dirham. The percentage of agricultural activities has declined since the re-independence of Estonia, but the farmers who have sustained, have found their place among production activities. Strong individual producers in the field of beef-cattle, sheep farming and cereal production operate in this rural municipality. Coastal fishing and forestry are also areas of activity. There are opportunities to develop tourism and recreational activities here thanks to the area’s undisturbed wildlife; this is due to the fact that the area was a forbidden border zone during the Soviet era. It is still quite sparcely populated today and has an intriguing history.

A kindergarten-elementary school and secondary school are located in the centre of the rural municipality. The Noarootsi School is a municipal kindergarten-elementary school, where pupils from other municipalities can attend as well. The Noarootsi Gymnasium is a state-owned secondary school specializing in teaching intensive Swedish language and the culture of Nordic countries. Both Noarootsi School and Noarootsi Gymnasium offer their pupils the possibility to stay in boarding school facilities.

Area – 296 km2
Population – 703 (1st of January 2014)
Distance – 7 km from Haapsalu, 110 km from Tallinn
Official website of the municipality: (in Estonian)