Rural municipality of Martna

The rural municipality of Martna is located in the central part of Lääne county, on the northeastern coast of Matsalu Bay. Its neighbours are Lihula to the south, (having the Kasari and Rõude Rivers as borders), the rural municipality of Kullamaa to the east, the rural municipalities of Risti and Taebla to the north and the rural municipality of Ridala to the west. The rural municipality of Martna has one of the main connecting roads in Estonia passing through it – the Tallinn-Virtsu-Kuivastu-Kuressaare Road – which carries about 350 000 vehicles and 950 000 passengers a year. Villages in the rural municipality of Martna are about 10 to 15 km from Martna, which is the centre of the rural municipality. There are 34 villages belonging to the rural municipality of Martna.

The main fields of entrepreneurship are crop and animal husbandry. Larger enterprises are Ohtla Põld OÜ, Kesküla PMÜ, Ohtla Lihaveis OÜ, Viljatare OÜ, Lähtru PMÜ, Ovolex OÜ, Fazenda OÜ. OÜ Kirs Engineering, inventor of the eco-friendly and multipurpose combine harvester called Mülkameister (master of mudhole) meant for reed harvesting, instant packaging and transportation, also operates here. The combine is also suitable for cutting grass on soft soil.

Martna has a kindergarten and elementary school. Several community services are offered by Rõude Village Association, like rooms to rent for special occasions, child care services, different hobby activities, postal services, a library and museum. The Saueaugu Theatre Farm House is located in the village of Ohtla, where high level performances are held during the summer high season.

Area – 269 km2
Population – 778 (1st of January 2013)
Distance – 25 km from Haapsalu, 100 km from Tallinn