Rural municipality of Lihula

The economic and cultural centre of the rural municipality of Lihula is the town of Lihula. The food, textile, sewing and building material industry are represented in Lihula, as well as enterprises in the field of peat production, transport, car repair, building and metal works. Subdivisions of electricity and telecommunications providers and offices of major banks are located in Lihula. Outside the town of Lihula, agriculture is the main activity. Reed harvesting from Matsalu Bay and reed roofing is the unique and somewhat unconventional economic activity here. Tourism and recreational activities are developing rapidly. There are an elementary and secondary school, 2 primary schools, a kindergarten, schools for arts and music, a cultural centre, 4 libraries and a museum operating in the rural municipality of Lihula.

Area – 384 km2
Population 2 248 (1st of January 2013)
Distance – 50 km from Haapsalu