Rural municipality of Lääne-Nigula

Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality is an entrepreneur-friendly local government near the county centre, Haapsalu, in the heart of Lääne County, with a close community as well as various fields of production and companies that provide employment to the residents of the entire Lääne County.

Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality has 4162 residents, the largest settlements are Taebla, Palivere, Risti and Linnamäe.

Logistically, Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality is situated in a good location – by the Tallinn–Ääsmäe–Haapsalu and Risti–Virtsu state highways. The rural municipality’s largest lines of business and production can be found in Taebla (86 km from Tallinn and 13 km from Haapsalu) and Palivere (77 km from Tallinn and 22 km from Haapsalu), smaller lines of business and production can be found in Risti, the villages of Linnamäe and Nigula and elsewhere. Fields of production in settlement centres have good electricity supply, water and sewerage systems as well as data communication.

The rural municipality’s biggest employers are AS Rannarootsi Lihatööstus, AS Linnamäe Lihatööstus, AS Cipax (plastic products), AS Nordic Lumber (impregnated wood products), AS Mullo Transport (vehicle transport), OÜ Dinoxo (furniture), AS Tradex (electronics), AS Lääne Risti (metal products), Läänemaa Veoautokeskus, agricultural producers in Nigula, Piirsalu, Palivere and Kirimäe and elsewhere, as well as many small and micro businesses.

Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality offers to entrepreneurs:

  • good public administration – answers to questions and replies to inquiries as fast and as thoroughly as possible, proper processing of documents, guarantee of equal treatment, provision of sound advice;
  • necessary information – for example, concerning potential land, buildings and facilities suitable for production and business, counselling on construction and planning – assessment of a need for plans, building permits or other;
  • counselling for companies that are being set up or that are already operating and finding and proposing various solutions;
  • help in finding suitable housing for employees – for example, holding negotiations with private owners in co-operation with entrepreneurs to find favourable apartments;
  • maintenance of the infrastructure servicing the line of business – road and street maintenance, lighting, and other;
  • lease of business premises and office space owned by the rural municipality and land rent.


In addition to the aforesaid, Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality offers to its entrepreneurs the possibility to apply for enterprise support from the rural municipality’s development fund for the following activities:

  • support for attending fares and exhibitions outside Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality (the amount of support is up to 1000 euros for one applicant per year, self-financing at least 50%);
  • support for repairing access roads and customising premises (the amount of support is up to 3000 euros for one entrepreneur per year, self-financing at least 50%);
  • support for being connected to infrastructures of network operators (water and sewerage, electricity, communication, including data communication) and for additional output (the amount of support is up to 3000 euros for one entrepreneur per year, self-financing at least 50%);


Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality’s contact person for entrepreneurs is development adviser Raina Jeeberg.