Rural municipality of Kullamaa

Business income in the rural municipality of Kullamaa (meaning “land of gold” in English), is earned mostly in the primary sector: the company with the largest turnover is Reinu-Enari OÜ. Its activities include grain farming, logging and car repair. The largest employers and re-investors of business income in the rural municipality of Kullamaa are farms engaged in dairy cattle farming. In addition to crop farming and animal husbandry, their activities are not only logging and firewood production, but also beekeeping and hunting. There are four land improvement associations in Kullamaa supporting crop farming.

There are also six smaller enterprises operating in the field of construction, some of them earning their revenues from neighbouring countries. Some enterprises operate in the field of tourism, offering catering and accommodation services. Tourism is still considered a perspective field of entrepreneurship with lots of room for improvement and many unused local resources such as the Marimetsa nature conservation area with its rare plant species and communities located mostly on the territory of the rural municipality of Kullamaa.

The village of Kullamaa is the centre of the rural municipality. It lies 83 km from Tallinn and 45 km from Haapsalu, in the centre of the county. Risti-Virtsu national side road passes through the rural municipality of Kullamaa. Cargo ports in the proximity are in Virtsu and Rohuküla (55 and 58 km from the centre of the rural municipality respectively).

The rural municipality of Kullamaa is an agreeable and safe place to raise children – there is a kindergarten and upper secondary school, where lunch is offered to children at no cost. The kindergarten fee is affordable and there is no waiting list. For schoolchildren, there is the possibility of stay in boarding school facilities. The rural municipality offers free school transport not only to pupils, but also to residents of the municipality.

Medical care is available in Kullamaa and medicines can be bought from the Kullamaa pharmacy. One of the most important service centres is the so-called House of Goldenbeck, where the library and post office are located and where the offices of a general practitioner and dentist, as well as a hairdresser and beauty salon are operating. On the first floor there is a dance hall where folk dance, line dance and yoga classes are held. The house has also a weight training room and sauna, conference room and other rooms. In addition, there are also other sporting facilities such as the gym of the Kullamaa upper secondary school and the Kullamaa stadium, where enthusiastic archers gather regularly. There is an outdoor volleyball and basketball court next to the society house of Üdruma. In addition to the library in Kullamaa, there is also a library in the village of Liivi. There is an active cultural life, including many clubs and societies in the rural municipality of Kullamaa. Lots of well-known local events are held there, such as the St George’s Night Run, the May Run, an archers festival, volleyball festival, cyclo-cross, arts and  music festival, New Year’s Eve fireworks and musical program in the cultural centre.

As of 1 January 2013, the population of Kullamaa was 1 103, according to Statistics Estonia.

Area – 224.57 km2
Population 1 119 (1st of January 2014)
Distance – 45 km from Haapsalu, 83 km from Tallinn