Rural municipality of Hanila

Hanila is located in the southern part of Lääne county. It borders the rural municipality of Lihula and the rural municipalities of Koonga and Varbla make up its border with Pärnu county. Hanila is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the west. Major national roads passing through the rural municipality are the Risti-Virtsu-Kuivastu-Kuressaare Road, Karuse-Kalli Road and Audru-Tõstamaa-Nurmsi Road. By population the biggest settlement is the small town of Virtsu, which is followed by the villages of Vatla and Kõmsi, the latter being the centre of the rural municipality. Altogether, 28 villages belong to this rural municipality. In 2002, the first wind farm in Estonia was built in Virtsu. As of today there are 26 wind turbines in the rural municipality. The nationally important harbour of Virtsu is situated in the rural municipality of Hanila, serving transit traffic between Muhu and Saaremaa islands and continental Estonia. It is also used for the international transport of goods.

The most successful companies in this area are also the largest in terms of employment, operating in the field of manufacturing industry.  These are K.MET AS in Kõmsi village, manufacturing different wire products and marketing most of them to Northern Europe and the Baltic countries, Kvaliteetaken OÜ in Virtsu, which produces doors and windows and has installation staff in several cities in Estonia, and EH Connector OÜ in Virtsu, a subsidiary undertaking of Swedish EH Connector AB, assembling electrical contacts for motor vehicles. The more traditional fields of business in the rural municipality of Hanila are construction and road transport. A few companies operate in the field of crop husbandry, animal husbandry and sea fishing, since activities in the primary sector are mostly undertaken by self-employed persons. There are four Fish and Game Associations registered in the rural municipality of Hanila. In the service sector, there are tourist enterprises offering accommodation and catering, but also other companies offering various other services.

There are several sport clubs, congregations and village associations. The kindergarten-primary school is located in Kõmsi and two elementary schools in Vatla and Virtsu and three libraries in Kõmsi, Vatla and Virtsu accordingly. In addition, there are community centres at Kõmsi, Vatla, Virtsu and Hanila. In Hanila, the community centre is located in the museum building.

Area – 232 km2
Population -1 374 (1st of January 2014)
Distance – 68 km from Haapsalu, 130 km from Tallinn, 65 km from Pärnu