Living environment

It’s great to live in Lääne County because:

• Lääne County and Haapsalu are some of the safest places for living in Estonia.

• The rhythm of life is agreeably slow and pleasant for those who are tired of the hectic urban pace.

• There is access to modern mobile high speed internet and a fiber optic cable that encircles Lääne County.

• For leisure time, we have many beaches with warm water, spas, art galleries, museums, cafeterias and restaurants.

• There are big shopping malls in Haapsalu, but also tiny boutiques and galleries in the old town.

• You can practise sports in the stadium, visit sports centres and clubs, go bowling, golf, play tennis and jog, stroll or cycle on a special cycling and pedestrian trail. Fencing, yoga practise and surfing are popular here. In the wintertime you can practise cross-country skiing in the rolling trails of Palivere or skate on ice fields formed on the sea bays. Also kite snowboarding on the frozen sea is possible.

• This is a wonderful place to raise children – there are many different playgrounds and sports fields for children and a skatepark. Normally there are no waiting lists for enrolling your child in a kindergarten and schools in Lääne County offer good education and are child-friendly – it is a harmoniuous environment for the children to grow up in.

• There is a hospital in Lääne County, the Läänemaa Haigla, which offers high level healthcare and social welfare services. The Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is unique in the entire country and is also situated in Haapsalu.

• The cultural life is rich: there are many theatre performances, movies and summer festivals. One can take part in a choir or dance group, practice arts or participate in performances.

• There are small harbours for getting out to the sea, lovely coastal villages still having names given to them by the Estonian Swedes in the Middle Ages and lots of unspoiled wilderness that is protected – over 30% of Lääne County’s nature is designated as wilderness-protected.

• Tallinn is not far away – it takes a little over an hour to get to the capital of Estonia from Haapsalu and a bit less than two hours to get there from the outward-lying corners of Lääne County.