Imatra Elekter AS

Imatra Elekter AS is an electricity distribution and sales company that offers its clients simple, reliable, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient electricity services.
Imatra Elekter AS is owned by Imatran Seudun Sähkö OY, an energy group in Southeast Finland focused on producing, distributing and selling electricity.

The Group is a medium-sized local electricity company which dates back to 1928 and which currently has approximately 2300 shareholders; its shares are mostly owned by private shareholders, local governments and companies.

The company has shown very good results as to the quality of network services. A very good result was also achieved in the number of failures per 100 kilometres in 0.4–35 k network, which was 6.8. The same indicator was 22.8 in 2003. So, the duration of interruptions and the number of failures has decreased multiple times over the years.