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Filming in Läänemaa and Haapsalu  –  why to choose Estonia?

Estonian Cash Rebate up to 30%! Information about rebate conditions, locations, industry service providers, etc:

Why to choose us? Strengths of Haapsalu/Läänemaa:

  1. close to Tallinn international airport and ferry port,
  2. rich variety in historic and natural environment,
  3. free use of town environment,
  4. well preserved natural surroundings,
  5. guaranteed minimal bureaucracy and quick decision process,
  6. available venue for stunts (former military airfield) at low cost,
  7. variety of catering, transport, construction etc services are available,
  8. suitable capacity of accommodation: 2299 beds in hotels and guesthouses.

Haapsalu is also home for the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, being proudly the member of MELIES, only one from Baltic countires.

Our services for film industry,  free of charge:

  • Information services
  • Support in arranging permits needed
  • Support in finding suppliers and arranging negotiations for local services
  • Support in arranging meetings with different officials, if needed
  • Support in finding locations/venues for filming

Please contact:

Andres Huul
Tel +372 5557 2557

Haapsalu – variety of locations

Why Haapsalu? A seaside resort that has nostalgic historical old town, imperial railway station, long sea side promenade, romantic alleys, little cafeterias, ruins of episcopal castle, yacht harbours, winter ice roads, etc

Former Soviet Military Airfield in Kiltsi  – 5 km from town centre of Haapsalu. Rental price: 200 eur/day (summer 2017), 2500 m runaway + taxiway. To see the drone video, click here

Available for film industry

  • Characteristics of the region: small coastal town, diverse variety of historic wooden architecture, castles, islands, coastal villages.
  • Architecture: historic wooden architecture in Haapsalu, reflecting the taste of crowned heads and high society of St Petersburg starting from 1850ies, Haapsalu Castle and Koluvere Castle (13th century), manor houses, rural/coastal wooden arhitecture, churches, 308m long bridge over the Kasari river
  • Nature: well preserved nature, landscapes with little human Intervention, seacoast, precious forests, small islands and islets, 500 sq km Matsalu National Park,
  • Industrial: The Railway Museum and historic steamboat Kallis Mari in Haapsalu, former Soviet Army airfield next to Haapsalu
  • Coastal: ferry ports of Rohuküla and Virtsu, marina and fishing port Dirhami, lighthouses all over region and on islands,

Please see the gallery

Ca 50 movies are made here in Haapsalu and Lääne County during 1960 – 2017. Locations:


Film commissioner Leana Jalukse outlined her top 5 film locations in Estonia for KFTV, Haapsalu was among the top. About Haapsalu she said:

Haapsalu is a coastal town with a historic railway station. Although trains no longer run to Haapsalu, the beautiful wooden building has been renovated and a few railway tracks remain for the old trains to use. The town has a promenade with elegantly restored villas. The town has featured in films such as Names in Marble and The Leader’s Way, as well as starring in Russian TV series Issajev and a commercial for Le Coq Imperial Beer.

Producer of „Tangerines“ and „The Fencer“ Ivo Felt said about Haapsalu:

„Filmmaking in Haapsalu is a pure pleasure – in addition to the variety of great shooting locations there is also big interest among local leaders to the film art and wish to support it.“

Haapsalu Cinema at the Cultural Centre

  • Seat count – 511 (+ two smaller halls with 50 and 180 seats, if needed)
  • White screen 5 x 4.8 m
  • Distance from screen to the projector 26,5 m
  • Server: Sony, model XCT-M10, serial 2200104, software version 1.30.00, firmware version 1.30.00, installation date 31.03.2015,
  • Projector: Sony, model SRX-R515, serial 03110104, firmware version 2.21.079,
  • Other screen information: 3D Type – Sony Passive 3D, digital only, audio type 5.1, screen aspect ratio 1,85/2,39,

 Additional material

Please see three examples of films, made in Haapsalu  and videoclips about:

Haapsalu and Lääne County
Water tourism in West-Estonia,
amateur drone video