Secondary Sector

Secondary sector –industry, construction, electricity

In 2015, secondary sector companies in Lääne County earned 39% of all sales revenue.

The highest income was earned by the processing industry, with 1400 employees.

  • there are 16 companies active in the textile industry, providing employment to 363 employees. The largest employer is PVMP-Ex OÜ, with 243 employees (2014), located in Haapsalu, which is the owner of the trade marks “Nurme Vabrik” and “Freeware”, continuing the traditions of industrial production of fabrics and finished fabrics which began in Haapsalu during the last decade of the 19th century;
  • there are 22 companies in Lääne County involved in the production of sawn timber and wood processing, providing employment to 339 employees. The largest employer, with 157 employees (2014), is Haapsalu Uksetehas AS. The company deals with the production of interior and exterior doors, and wood and wooden-aluminium windows that can be opened in two directions. The company’s own laminated timber factory ensures a supply of quality and suitable raw material for window and door manufacturing.
  • there are 9 companies active in the food processing industry, providing employment to 238 employees. The largest employer is Rannarootsi Lihatööstus AS, with 155 employees (2014), located in Kirimäe Village, in Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality. Along with its classical and well-known meat products, the company’s diverse range of products is supplemented each year with new products introduced to the Estonian market for the first time, which are also quick to find fans.
  • a total of 16 companies are involved in the metal industry, providing employment to 127 employees. With a total of 68 employees, the largest company is K.Met, located in Kõmsi Village, Hanila Rural Municipality, whose production history for wire products dates back 50 years. Stainless steel products, pipes and sheet metal processing and powder coating have been added to the selection of wire products. For example, their production includes grill rests, containers, wire baskets, shop furnishings, and furniture components.
  • there are 9 companies active in the furniture industry, providing employment to 111 employees. The largest employer is Helland Baltic OÜ, with 46 employees, located in Nõmme Village, Ridala Rural Municipality. With the aid of modern computer guided work benches, which significantly increase the speed of work processes, the company manufactures chairs, armchairs, couches and tables. Helland Møbler AS, owner of Helland Baltic OÜ, is one of Norway’s leading furniture manufacturers and operates on the contractual furniture market (public sector custom works).
  • there are 4 companies active in the plastics industry, providing employment to 104 employees. The largest employer is Cipax Eesti AS, with 67employees, located in the small town of Taebla, in Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality. 
  • there are 7 companies involved in the production of products from non-ferrous minerals, providing employment to 74 employees. the largest companies are safety glass product manufacturer AS Pal-Klaas, with 31 employees, located in Palivere Village, Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality, and also Uninaks AS, manufacturer of construction mixtures, with 31 employees, located in the town of Lihula;
  • there are 5 companies active in the electronics industry, providing employment to 70 employees. Located in Palivere, the largest manufacturer is Tradex AS, with 51 employees.

A total of 40-99% of the sales revenue of processing industry companies is, by and large, comprised of exports. Only the food processing industry exported 4% of its output, but the volume of the export is definitely rising.

In addition to the processing industry, the construction sector, in which 147 companies were active, and which provided employment to 504 people and earned sales revenue of EUR 28.7 million in 2014, is notable among secondary sector companies in Lääne County in terms of the number who are employed, revenue as well as employment. Construction of buildings, facilities and specialised construction such as residential and non-residential buildings, the development of building projects and the construction of roads and motorways were activities performed in this sector.

Notable secondary sector companies are Imatra Elekter AS, involved in the distribution of electricity, and AS Haapsalu Veevärk, involved in the supplying of water.

In addition to the above mentioned, companies are also active in the printing industry and the manufacturing of pleasure crafts, although employment and turnover in these fields is not notable.


Significant Manufacturing Enterprises

Haapsalu Uksetehase ASDifferent
Tene Kaubandus OÜ Wooden
Pal-Klaas ASSafety
K.MET ASFinished metal products
Narma LV
Maag Lihatööstus ASMeat products
Linnamäe LihatööstusMeat products
Dinoxo OÜFurniture, toys
Cipax Eesti ASPlastic
Kvaliteetaken OÜPlastic doors and
Nordic Lumber ASImpregnated wood
Uninaks ASBuilding mixtures, mortars

Significant  Construction Enterprises

Lääne Teed OÜRoad repair, construction,
Movek Grupp OÜHeat pump systems
Lihula Maaparandus ASFrom land reclamation to the construction of
A&T Elekter OÜFrom small electrical works to surveillance
Rannavesi Ehitus OÜGeneral
Hr. Aare Hirv OÜEarthwork and
Autel Büroo OÜElectrical
Scalewireless OÜTelecommunications cabling
Mentor-T OÜPipe systems