Health and tourism

In 2012, the companies of the health and tourism sector attained 11.3 m euros return on sales total and growth was 10.6% compared to 2011. There were 82 companies and 35 self-employed people active in this sector. The companies of this sector employed 395 people total and the average annual monthly gross salary was 664 euros. In this sector the value added was 7.2 m euros, thus growth was 9.2% compared to 2011. Specialist medical practice activities, dental practice activities, general medical practice activities, medical treatment in sanatoriums, social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled, other human health activities, accommodation, food and beverage service activities were performed in this sector.

Significant Enterprises

Haapsalu Kuurort ASSpa, accommodation,
Heal ASSpa, accommodation, catering
MarDent OÜ
Swedest Motel Group AS Holiday village, accommodation,
Kumari Reisid OÜHiking, bird
Päeva Villa OÜAccomodation,
Altmõisa OÜAccommodation, organizing events
Vanalinna Bowling OÜAccommodation, bowling
Södervik OÜAccommodation on Vormsi island
Estnature OÜAccommodation, bird
Maxime OÜCatering,
Näksi OÜ
Hermannuse Maja OÜAccommodation,
Q-Catering OÜ
Harriin OÜAccommodation, catering
Kohvimeister OÜ
Rondo Kohvik OÜ