Case Studies

OÜ EH Connector

OÜ EH Connector was founded in 2007 in Virtsu Small Town. OÜ EH Connector is a subsidiary of EH Connector AB (Sweden). The company assembles motor vehicle electrical sockets.


OÜ Sereeter and OÜ Vikträ

GPS jackets for hound dogs are also sewn. The company operates in Parivere plant in Lihula Rural Municipality.

OÜ Vikträ is mainly engaged in manufacturing pallets for companies in the Fiskars Group.


AS Swedest Motel Group

The main area of activity of AS Swedest Motel Group is the accommodation of tourists and catering in Roosta Holiday Village. Roosta Holiday Village is an accommodation establishment on the coast of Northwest Estonia, which in addition to accommodation and catering offers conference services and leisure activities to companies and private persons in Estonia and abroad. The holiday centre has been operating as of 1990. The holiday village has 32 holiday houses of various sizes and with all amenities, a restaurant, conference rooms and saunas, and it offers various ways for spending leisure time.

95.5% of visitors came from Estonia, 1.1% from Sweden, 1.0% from Finland, 0.7% from England, 0.5% from Germany and 1.2% from elsewhere.


AS Torf

AS Torf was founded in 1991 and it has been engaged in manufacturing peat ever since. In 2014 the company had 19 employees, plus about 6 employees during the peak period (April to September). The parent company of AS Torf is Nevema Holding B.V. in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Helland Baltic OÜ

„Helland Møbler was founded in 1947“, explains Joakim Helland, CEO. „We have been producing furniture for the contract market since 1960 and 2013 started making some of the product parts in Tallinn, Estonia. 2015 we aquired a production unit of Hapval Ltd in Pullapää, next to Haapsalu as we had a co-operation experience before and we saw a good opportunity that enables us to grow rapidly and become the best solid wood furniture producer in Baltic countries in few years. Investments that we made already and going to do into the buildings, machinery and personnel will help us to reach target to hold the leading position on the Norwegian and Swedish markets and to enter the German market.

Our goal has always been to create a technically correct design, develop flexible solutions and maintain a high quality. The contracts market makes great demands on delivery precision, wearing

qualities and design. Our solutions have also proved to be competitive abroad, and exports now make up a significant part of our turnover. Furniture with a good design creates happiness and aesthetic well-being in public or private rooms. At Helland Møbler we are convinced that people are more patient, co-operate more and achieve better results in an environment which is more appealing in terms of both function and design. It is difficult to measure the value of this in terms other than pure well-being. I hope that locating our production in Haapsalu, were healthcare and wellbeing is part of the image of the historical resort town, will support our goals. Well-being pays off!“


AS Swecon

Swecon Anläggningsmaskiner AB is the distributor of Volvo’s construction equipment in Sweden. The Swecon Group is represented in the Baltic States and in Germany.
With 400 employees and 41 locations in Sweden, Swecon offers a complete selection of construction equipment, spare parts, service, repair and technical support. In addition to Volvo’s products, Swecon represents in Sweden Soosan’s hydraulic hammers, jaw crushers and sorting grabs.
Swecon is owned by Lantmännen. The Swecon Group employs ca. 650 employees.

Website of Swecon AS


Imatra Elekter AS

Imatra Elekter AS is an electricity distribution and sales company that offers its clients simple, reliable, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient electricity services.
Imatra Elekter AS is owned by Imatran Seudun Sähkö OY, an energy group in Southeast Finland focused on producing, distributing and selling electricity.

The Group is a medium-sized local electricity company which dates back to 1928 and which currently has approximately 2300 shareholders; its shares are mostly owned by private shareholders, local governments and companies.

The company has shown very good results as to the quality of network services. A very good result was also achieved in the number of failures per 100 kilometres in 0.4–35 k network, which was 6.8. The same indicator was 22.8 in 2003. So, the duration of interruptions and the number of failures has decreased multiple times over the years.


Cipax Eesti AS

Cipax Eesti AS is a production company mainly engaged in manufacturing plastic products by a rotation method. The company is owned by the XANO Group in Sweden.
In 2014, the company’s sales revenue amounted to 8.6 million euros, which was 2.9% higher compared to 2013. The largest export country was Sweden where the company made sales for 5.7 million euros worth. Finland and Poland were next in line.
The projected sales revenue for 2015 was 6.6 million euros. One of the reasons was the Group’s decision to move part of the production to Poland. In 2014, the company had 66 full-time employees.


Marinepool in Haapsalu

Lade Llc is producing lifesaving equipment of Marinepool trade mark, which is widely regarded as one of the top sailing clothing and maritime lifestyle brands and is the leading producer of life jackets for the leisure and sport market in Europe. Enterprise is located in Haapsalu, but factory is also in Hiiumaa island, Kärdla town.

Owner and leader of Lade Llc Gerhard Eberle: “I chose Estonia because it is very useful for my life jackets business to be located close to the Scandinavian markets. I also see Estonia as a gate to the Baltic countries.

I like the good modern infrastructure in Haapsalu and relatively low cost level it has to offer. I have found here motivated and responsible people to work with. Flexible labour market though allows me to make quick changes if needed. I live here in the pleasant environment with quick access to everywhere and have Eastern Europe with all the advantages in front of my house door.”


Look at the website of Marinepool.